CraftingDigital Experiences

A podcast series where experts share tips about the digital experience that drives your e-commerce and ultimately define your digital success

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Podcast episodes

  1. #3: An offer you cannot refuse

    Explore the Return of Investment (RoI) on Customer eXperience (CX) for your business together with Bruce Temkin aka the “Godfather of Customer Experience.” Bruce and his team just published the 2020 edition of their annual ROI of CX report.

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  2. #2: Learning to fly

    When you are creating a webshop, make sure you get rid of the question marks around how to order. Our experts share tips and insights on how to do proper customer on-boarding.

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  3. #1: You think you know or you know you know

    Our experts share tips on how to get value from performance measurement in your digital strategy, during design and development of digital products and in your ecommerce operations.

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